Reports > Auto-Donations

The Auto-Donations report allows you to view all your recurring transactions in a single location. NOTE: if you do not see the Reports tab on the left panel of the Control Panel, please contact the primary manager for your online giving account. Your user permissions will need to be updated to include this option.

We’ve added some additional filters to help view only the recurring gifts you may want to work with:


  • Status: in this drop-down, you can drill down and view transactions by their specific status. For example, maybe you need to see all successful recurring gifts or isolate just your declined transactions for follow up.
  • Period: this drop-down will allow you to view your recurring transactions by a specific frequency. For example, drill-down into your monthly recurring gifts or choose to just view your weekly givers.


The “Action” drop-down provides quick access to specific tools to help you manage a specific transaction.

Continue reading to learn more about these options:

More Info: selecting this option will open full details on this recurring gift.


Within “More Info” we’ve included the previous “Action” options so you can fully manage this gift from here.

Edit Funds/Amts: there are times where a donor may want to change where their donation is designated or adjust the amount of their gift.


Rather than disabling their current gift and asking them to create a new one reflecting their desired changes, you can use “Edit Funds/Amts” to make any necessary changes for them.

Disable: there are times where a donor may need to stop their recurring gift. Select this option to stop their recurring gift from processing. 

Payment Profiles: donors appreciate being able to store their desired payment methods securely. Not only does it prevent the need to rekey long account information for future donations, it makes future gifts lightning fast!  Within the “Payment Profiles” option you can view a donor’s stored payment methods, update expiration dates on credit cards, remove stored accounts or add new forms of payments. With access to Payment Profiles, you have full flexibility to support your donors with total peace of mind as only the last 4-digits of the account number is ever visible.