Adding Managers and Manager Permissions

Everyone at your organization who needs access to the system should have their own login. This is important from a security standpoint and also allows you to determine “Permissions” for each of your Managers.

*Note: Managers should use a unique email address. If a manager is also a giver, it is important that the email address used for the personal giving account is different than the address used to log in as the account manager.

Setting Permissions

After you’ve entered the name, email, title and contact information for your new Manager (user), you’ll need to set their permission levels and then ‘Save’ your new Manager.

If your Managers are already in the system and you just need to adjust their permissions, click “Action” and then “Update.” Then, you can use the information below to make the necessary adjustments.

Below is a breakdown of each Permission and what it provides to a Manager.  Keep in mind that not all permissions listed below may be available for your account as permissions can vary depending on which level of the product you are using:

  • Organization:
    • Settings: Access to the overall giving settings – update software billing payment method, edit PURL, manage texts and expired cards, manage email templates for recurring and new donors
    • Fund Management: Add, edit, disable, or delete funds
    • Virtual Terminal: Process gifts on behalf of your givers
    • Invoices: View current and past invoices for your account
    • Managers: Add, remove, or edit admins and permissions
    • Design: Change the default look of your giving page
    • Data Export: Manage export data formats
    • Email Templates: Customize email templates sent to new donors, text gift confirmations, recurring givers, and expiring credit/debit cards
    • Text Giving: View your Text Giving phone number, view and customize your “text confirmation message” which is sent after a successful text giving donation
    • MinistryOne: Your companion app for sermon content, event registration, push and in-app notifications, contact, giving and more!
    • ChMS Integration: Direct integration and fund mapping to your ChMS
    • Youth Uplift Enroll in our youth scholarship program! Communication templates and videos available to promote the program
  • Reports: View and generate reports on the activity within your account
    • Auto-Donations: Recurring donations
    • Transactions: All giving activity
    • Deposits: Batch deposit reports
    • Canned Reports: Many of the most commonly used reports for transactions
    • Auto-Reports: Create daily, weekly, or monthly summary reports of all giving or by certain funds
    • Deposits-Kiosks: Kiosk deposit reports, if applicable
  • Donors: View your donors’ profiles – including name, contact information, active recurring gifts, and past giving history
  • Resources: Link to help articles, videos and more
  • Forms: Access to the forms (see below)

Forms Permissions

Did you know you can create an unlimited number of customizable forms to meet the unique needs of your ministry or organization?  Using Forms, your team can build additional giving pages, contact forms, event registrations and more! Each form can be made from pre-existing templates or from scratch! Every form results in a dedicated URL and has an embed code. You can use this to publish on your website, social media platforms, print, send via email, or any other way you communicate important messages!

You may want to add a Manager to create and manages your forms and set additional permissions. You can grant permissions based on form types, as well as the action that can be taken on each form (ex: create, edit, delete, view responses, and refund).