Campuses – Add a New Campus

The Campus feature is used to generate multiple online giving portal URLs for one giving account. This is advantageous when you have physical campuses that need a different giving portal for each campus to better reconcile reporting, or if you have a campaign or project that deserves more attention than just adding a fund/giving category.

To add a Campus, click on the configure wheel then Campuses:

NOTE: if you do not see the Campuses option under the Organization tab in your control panel, please contact the primary manager for your online giving account. Your user permissions will need to be updated to include this option.

Click + Add New Campus, input the name of the campus, click Save, and an additional URL specific to the campus will be generated.

Clicking on this new URL will take you directly to this campus online giving portal. Now that you have created a campus, you can assign specific funds/giving categories to appear on the campus portal or on all giving portals. To do this, click Settings > Fund Management within your control panel. For assistance with editing or creating funds for a campus,click here. You can also have multiple text giving numbers and designate a text giving number to each campus you create. For more information about multiple text giving numbers, click here.

You can still use your original direct URL given to when the account was integrated, or the personal URL you have created. When using these URLs AND having campuses, the online giving portal will load with a campus selection screen. The donor will choose the campus, and then have the option to give a one-time gift or login.

After the donor chooses a campus, they can always click the Reset Campus option on the online giving portal to choose a different campus to give to.