Reports > Auto Reports

Auto emails can be sent to notify your treasurer, bookkeeper, or any number of staff members of giving activity per day, per week, or per month. To set up Auto Reports, click Reports > Auto Reports.

NOTE: if you do not see the Reports tab on the left panel of the Control Panel, please contact the primary manager for your online giving account. Your user permissions will need to be updated to include this option.

Next, Click + Add Auto Report, and a small window will pop up to generate your auto report based on your preferences.

  1. Input the name of the Auto Report. The name of this report will appear in the subject line of the email sending the report.
  2. Check the Yes box to enable the report.
  3. Choose your format. You can have either an attached .csv file of the giving data or include the giving data in the body of the email message.
  4. Input the email addresses you would like this auto report to be sent to. Separate multiple email address by inputting a comma after each email.
  5. Choose your frequency. Daily reports will be sent every 24 hours, Weekly reports will be sent every Monday showing giving within the previous week (last Monday through Sunday), and Monthly reports will be sent the first day of the new month to represent all giving within the previous month. The reports will show transactions from the time period chosen, NOT funding deposit reports. There is NOT an option to send an auto report immediately after single transactions are submitted. If you are on the newest interface and have the Give Now form, you may add an email to be sent after each transaction. For more information click here.
  6. Filter Funds Use the drop down to filter specific funds for those reports that you do not want all of the funds to be listed.
  7. Click Save to enable your report. The report will begin at the next available date based on your frequency preference (i.e. Daily reports would be sent the next morning, Weekly reports would be sent the following Monday, and the Monthly report would be sent at the first of the next month).

To Edit, Disable, or completely Delete your Auto Report, click the Action drop down in the row of the Auto Report you would like to take modify.