Reviewing and Resolving Added Transactions

We recently discovered an issue that omitted some donation records from your donor history and reports. These missing transaction records have been restored, but it’s important you review these to ensure your donor history and contribution statements are accurate:

Where do I find added Transactions?

Navigate to Reports > Canned Reports > ChMS Sync Errors. Any records we’ve added will appear here.


  • Added records that were matched to an existing profile will be notated as “Corrected Record”
  • Added records where we could not 100% match will create a new person and will be notated “Corrected Record – New Person.”


How to Handle New Person Records:

It’s likely that some new person records correspond with an existing individual in Giving. New person records are most commonly generated due to slight differences in names when other matching criteria (like email) is absent. (Ex: Robert vs. Rob vs. Bob).

You’ll want to review the address or other information provided with each new person record and determine if it matches an existing profile. If so, merge the new person into an existing profile. [LINK TO HELP ON MERGE]

Anonymous Donor: A new person with the name “Anonymous Donor” will be if the added record did not include a first or last name. In most cases, the Anonymous Donor record includes an address which will help to identify the actual donor. Again, this record can be edited or merged with an existing donor as appropriate.


Resolving Added Records:

If your organization syncs with a ChMS platform (confirm under Organization > ChMS Integration), you’ll want to check the corresponding ChMS record to see if the missing transaction was previously noticed and manually corrected. In these cases, on the Sync Error page simply select Action > Mark as Good to clear the transaction from the list. If the transaction was not found in your ChMS, you’ll want to select Action > Try Again. The transaction should appear in your ChMS product in 15 minutes or less.



If you don’t automatically sync with a ChMS product, you’ll need to compare records manually and make updates as appropriate. We suggest either leaving the ChMS Sync Errors report on screen or taking a screenshot for easy comparison


Communicating with Affected Donors: If you need to send an updated contribution statement to a donor, we created sample communication below that you can use.

Dear [NAME]

Our online giving provider recently made us aware of an issue that prevented one or more of your gifts from appearing in your donation history. Rest assured that these donations processed correctly and we received your gifts—the donations simply did not display on reports.

With that in mind, we’re sending you an updated contribution statement that contains all your giving for 2017.

Our giving provider identified the source of the issue and took corrective measures to ensure future stability. Please rest assured that, at all times, your online information remained fully secure.

Thank you for partnering with our church and we offer our sincere apologies for any inconvenience or confusion caused. If you have any questions, please contact [CHURCH CONTACT INFO HERE].