Leadership Soft Launch

It’s important that your staff, volunteers, and leaders are knowledgeable, excited, and invested in your launch. You’ll see more giver engagement if you invite your organization’s leadership into the process of testing the system sooner rather than later.

Pull your team together and walk them through the giving process (this is excellent practice for your rollout). Cast vision for how this new giving tool will equip your organization to be generous in your local and global community.

Remember: Leadership buy-in results in giver buy-in!

Leadership Testing Best Practices:

A. Leadership Testing Email

Email leaders explaining your new Online Giving system, instructions, and why it’s important for them to test it out. **See email template below.

B. Gather Leadership for a “Soft Launch”

Take a few minutes when your leadership is together to conduct a soft-launch (this is essentially a practice for your live rollout).

  1. Hands-on Training: Show them how to give! Have them pull out their phones, save your text giving number in their phone (if applicable) as a contact, or have them download the mobile app from their android or iPhone app stores and walk them through the giving experience. *Hands-on training tips below.
  2. Ask for feedback for official rollout: Ask your leadership if they have recommendations for how to have a clear, engaging launch.
  3. Engage your teammates: If anyone else is involved in launching Online Giving, this would be a great time to determine your launch date and start preparing.

*Hands-on Training Tips

Introduce the system using visual aids.

Ensure leadership tests primary giving functions.

  • Text giving
  • Mobile App giving
  • Online giving
  • Fund Designations

**Leadership Testing Email Template:

Subject: What do you think of our new giving tool?

Hello [organization name] leaders,

Thanks for all you do for our community here at [organization name]. We’re eager to introduce our new giving system that allows us to give instantly online and via text.

We’d really love for you to test it out and let us know what you think. Here’s how!

  1. Visit <your Online Giving URL>
  2. Click on Give Now, Choose a Fund, add Amount then click Submit.
  3. Process a $1 donation using your new login.

We’ll launch this on a Sunday in the next month or so. Do you have any questions or feedback? Please let us know! [insert contact info]

In Christ,