Create and Edit Funds for your New Giving Portal

Create a New Fund

  1. Navigate to your manager dashboard, click on    (top banner) and choose then click on Fund Management 
  2. Click Add Fund in the top banner.
  3. In the new window, add the Fund Name, and complete any other fields that are applicable.**To make this fund a sub-fund, select an option from the Parent Fund drop-down menu. 
  4. Click Save!
  5. Head to the Forms tab on the left side of your screen. Click the online giving page Form you want the fund to appear on.
  6. Click on the Gear to the right of where it says My Donation. This allows you to configure the settings for the Fund Dropdown List.

7. Click Fund Items

8. Click the box to make sure it is Displayed and Tax Deductible (if applicable).

  • On the Fund Items tab, make sure you check the box to “Display” all the funds that you want to be available. Click and drag the double bar icon to arrange the funds in the desired order. Click OK to save changes.

9. Click on Save Changes at the bottom right, then click on Publish so your updates will be available online when you are ready to embed the giving form onto your website.

Edit an Existing Fund

Need to change a fund designation setting? No need to start from scratch. 

  1. Navigate to your manager dashboard, click on  (top banner) and choose Fund Management .
  2. Locate the fund that needs to be edited. In its row, click Action and choose Edit Fund from the drop-down menu.
  3. Make your changes in the new window.*
  4. Click Save!

*To change this to a sub-fund, select an option from the Parent Fund drop-down menu. If this is already a sub-fund and you’d like to make it a parent fund, clear the Parent Fund drop-down menu.

If you delete or make a FUND inactive, make sure the FUND is not designated as your General Donation or Give Now form’s assigned FUND.