Kiosk Restore Instructions for IOS 12.2

Steps 1-4 are the same as which we currently have on Helpdesk*

Once you tap on “Install profile”, you will receive this message. Click “Allow”.

Step 6) Return to the Settings app. At the top left-hand side of the page, tap on “Profile Downloaded”.

Step 7) A warning will appear, click “Install”.

Step 8) Click “Trust”.

Step 9) On the Install Profile page, click “Install”.

Note: This installation process can take up to ten minutes. The Church Giving app will reappear when the installation process is completed.

Step 10) Launch the “Church Kiosk” App.

  • Click on the Church Kiosk app icon to launch the app.
  • Next, click on “Edit Kiosk Settings” to enter your church’s specific Kiosk Profile Credentials (Ex: Kiosk ID, Kiosk Username, Kiosk Password).

Note: If you do not have your credentials handy, you can find them under the Organization> Settings in your account.