Setting Up A Recurring Gift

A RECURRING GIFT is a scheduled donation that is  set up to be debited automatically according to a schedule a donor may choose.  To do this, a donor will sign in to their donor account by using the SIGN IN link at the top of the donor portal page.

Once the donor signs into their account, they can add a donation via the MY DONATION screen.  When MAKE THIS GIFT RECURRING box is clicked, prompted fields appear that will allow them to choose the frequency of their donation (i.e. Monthly, weekly, daily, etc), the “start date” (the day the schedule is to begin), and the number of times the gift is scheduled to run (“how many gifts”). 

Once the donor has chosen all fields that apply, they can choose their payment profile from the I’d Like To Give By drop-down menu.

If  no payment profile has been saved, the donor can add a new one by selecting New Profile from the drop-down.  They can add a credit card or directly input bank information to have the system charge the donation via ACH or e-check. 

Donors will receive emailed confirmation each month that their transaction has been completed.