June 2019 Release Roundup

Each month, our product team releases new functionality for your giving platform. These features are driven by feedback from you—the churches we gratefully serve!

Here’s what’s new this month:

ACH now in Virtual Terminal

Churches accepting ACH giving can now use the Virtual Terminal to process gifts. Before, ACH wasn’t an option in the Virtual Terminal.

Better Transaction Viewing

ACH returns and chargebacks are now visible on the Transactions page. Before, this information was not visible within the manager portal.

Cleaner Navigation

Settings can now be found by clicking the settings icon in the upper right corner, rather than via the “Organization” dropdown.

Enhanced Forms Features

Forms is a robust feature for creating giving pages, volunteer sign up forms, event registration, and much (much) more! You already have powerful customization options at your fingertips when creating forms–and we’ve enhanced these even more! Here are 6 ways Forms has improved:


Field Sets are a collection of fields grouped together to keep information organized and easy to find. It’s a new section in Form Manager. When building a form, you’ll find Field Sets located in the toolbar on the right.


Collect data for multiple fields, multiple times over with Basic Field Sets. Collect recommendations for a Bible study at your church by grouping individual fields like topic, author, and title, for instance.

The user can add as many of these groupings (field sets) as they want while filling out the form, or you can set a limit.


Person Field Sets come with a name and amount field by default. These are ideal for collecting registrations or submissions centered around people or when a variable number of people are reflected.

An outreach event that’s free for children to attend and $5 per adult is one example of when to use Person Field Sets.

Another is when only children count towards the total number of registrations, and adults don’t, such as for Vacation Bible School.


Now, you can set the maximum number of registrations per submission form. Remember, one submission form could have two or more registrants on it. Set a limit on that total number under Form Properties > Submission.


There’s a new payment option under Form Properties > Payment, allowing the user to bypass entering payment information when submitting a form. Instead, they can check the “Pay Later” box. Submissions with Pay Later selected will be labeled as such in your CSV export.


Now, if your form has recurring giving enabled, the “Make Recurring” box will appear when the form first loads. The user no longer needs to select a fund or enter an amount first.

Coming Soon!

Be on the lookout for our July Release Roundup with more helpful updates and the latest developments.