Pay Later

Pay Later is an option that allows a user to register for an event and apply no payment. This is useful in case the user is intended to pay via physical payment methods later (Cash, Check, etc). The Form Administrator can elect this option on a form by form basis.

Pay later is mutually exclusive with recurring payments – recurring payments don’t allow Pay Later to be selected and choosing Pay Later doesn’t allow recurring to be set up.

Billing Contact Information is included in Pay Later to allow users who do not have a profile on an organization’s database to register for an event and provide the necessary information for contact.

To enable Pay Later on a Form:

  1. Go to FORMS

2. Click on the name of the Event Form


4. From FORM PROPERTIES, click on the PAYMENT tab and then click the box PAY LATER

The user will see this when they are completing the event registration:

The Admin can see who has yet to pay by clicking on FORMS and locating the event form. Click on RESPONSES and a new screen will appear with the PAY LATER column indicating if someone has opted to pay later.

The admin can then export the list of those who have opted to pay later at the bottom of the screen: