Add the Giving Portal to Your Website

To easily direct your donors to your Giving Portal (screenshot below), you can either:

(For more information on how to customize the look of your Giving Portal, Click Here).

The simplest way to add the Giving Portal to your website is to link text or an image directly to it. (Ex: Add the text “Give Online” and link it to your Giving Portal (URL).

Your Giving Portal Link (URL) is unique and specific to your organization. Find this URL by clicking the “General Setting Gear” icon at the top right of the Giving Dashboard click then on the “Settings” tile.

Find and copy the ‘Giving Portal‘ link (below).

Note: You can customize this link by clicking “Edit your Giving Portal”.

Provide this URL it to your website administrator or your social media director. Again, they can create a text or image to link directly to your Giving Portal.

A Note on Security: By default, the Giving Portal page has SSL encryption applied – the same level of security as banks and financial institutions – ensuring your donors’ information is safe and secure.

Embed The Giving Form

You can embed the Giving Portal so it displays within your website. (Don’t let the word “embed” intimidate you! It simply means ‘copy and paste’ your Giving Portal onto your website).

We recommend this option because:

  • It’s streamlined – keeping donors on your site!
  • Donors are more likely to give when your Portal is branded and in a location they recognize.

    Below is a simple example of a church with the Giving Portal embedded.

To get your embed code, follow the steps below:

In the left sidebar, click “Forms”, then find your Giving Form. (If you’ve never changed the name, it will be titled Give Now).

At the far right, click on the three-dot icon, then click “View Embed Code”. Copy the Embed code (below).

Send this embed code to your website administrator and they should be able to add it to your Giving page. If you’re not sure what to say, write, “Please embed this code to display our Giving Portal. You can do it the same way you would embed a YouTube video” – they’ll understand what you mean 🙂

If you need a “how-to” instruction on embedding a script related to your website software, your website provider should be able to assist you.

A Note on Security: If embedding your Giving Form on a website, it MUST be placed on a page with SSL encryption (https). If you’re not sure how to enable SSL on your website, please contact your website administrator or provider. It’s typically a very simple process!

Again, for more information on changing the look of your Giving Portal, please review our detailed information below.