Kiosk Order Fulfillment Process

After placing an order for a kiosk or card reader, please see below for what you can expect next.

  • Once an order is received and processed, approval is submitted for equipment purchase.
  • Accounts that have Vantiv and Payment Brands as their provider have to be converted to Global for connection to Go-E gateway to be compatible with the kiosk software.
  • 2-3 business days after you submit your order, you will receive an instruction email from regarding how to complete the Cashlinq application. The application will follow shortly and any documents/additional information that is needed.
  • A Cashlinq application will be completed and sent to the Principal Agent for review and approval using the information provided in the pre-application and documents uploaded upon the signup of your giving account. The application will be sent from
  • The instruction email and application will be sent to the Principal Agent. If the Principal Agent’s email address is not on file it will be sent to the account admin who submitted the order.
    • Note: If the person who submitted the order is different than the Principal Agent, they will both receive the instruction email and application. However, only the person who is listed as the Principal Agent has the permissions to approve and submit the application.
  • Once the application is approved by the organization, it will go to our underwriting team to review to see if we need additional information and to submit to the merchant for final approval. We cannot move forward with your order until your merchant account is approved and live.
  • Approval is typically received from the merchant within 2-3 business days, unless more information is needed to approve your account (live website, voided check, Principal Agent’s SSN, etc.).
  • The merchant information is then sent to kiosk fulfillment once the account is live to setup a kiosk gateway and the conversion is considered complete.
  • A kiosk profile is setup for your organization and equipment is assembled to get ready for shipment.
  • The order will be shipped via FedEx and once a label is created, the tracking number will be sent via email.