Receiving International Gifts

Does your ministry or organization receive gifts from generous donors outside of the United States? Depending on the giver’s payment method and your account’s payment selections, you may be able to receive international gifts.

All ACH/eCheck gifts must be given from a domestic bank account; however, credit card gifts may be received if your Accepted Payment Types are enabled to receive credit/debit cards.
Note: All accounts are configured to receive Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express transactions. If you’d like to adjust which card types are accepted, please contact support.

Accepted Payment Types may be enabled or disabled uniquely per Form. To check your payment preferences, navigate to Forms on the left of your Manager Dashboard.

Select the Form you’d like to view then select Form Properties. Within Properties, see the Payment tab and confirm or edit your Accepted Payment Types (see below).

In the example above, a donor abroad could make a gift with a credit card (standard Visa, Mastercard, and Discover). Although ACH is selected, a gift attempted from an international bank account would not be successful.

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