How to Generate Givers’ Contribution Statements

Generating givers’ contribution statements is quick and easy! Simply follow the steps below.

  • From your Manager Dashboard, select “Donors” from the left side navigation pane.

  • From the Donors page, you’ll find options to view All Donors, initiate a Donor Merge, draft your Contribution Email, and generate Contribution Statements.

Customize Contribution Email

  • From the “Contribution Email” tab, you may draft an email to accompany donors’ contribution statements, if you choose to email statements.
  • Select the send From email address, add a BCC email address, and add a personalized Subject and Message.
  • Click “Save”, then move to the “Contribution Statements” tab.

Generating Contribution Statements

  • Now that you’ve drafted and saved the Contribution Email, move to the “Contribution Statements” tab and make the necessary selections in the “Details” section: Start Date and End Date, Transaction Type, and if you’d like to Email the generated statements directly from the generated report.

  • Next, See the “Donors” section, and “Select All” or search and select specific donors, as needed.

  • Click “Generate Statement” to review statements for the donors selected.
  • Statements can be exported or emailed directly to donors with the Contribution Email.