December 2019 Release Roundup

Each month, our product team releases new functionality for your giving platform. These features are driven by feedback from you—the churches we gratefully serve!

Here’s what’s new this month:

Enhanced Donor Contribution Statements

Donor Contribution Statements got a facelift for year-end! Enjoy all the same features and a few new ones!

Customizable Contribution Email

Now, you can customize an email for donors to receive with their contribution statement. 

Tip! Draft and save the email before selecting the “Email statements to donors” box in the Contribution Statements tab (or the statement alone will be sent).

Contribution Statement Options

Select your start and end date, transaction type, conveniently search for donors, and customize an email to accompany the statement you send.

Merge Donor Profiles

Merging donor profiles is user-friendly and more intuitive than ever before.

Be on the lookout for our January 2020 Release Roundup with more helpful updates and the latest developments.