Church Management Software (ChMS) API Integration

Integrating your giving platform with your Church Management Software (ChMS) is an important part of donor management and record integrity.

This guide will show you how quickly and easily you can connect your giving platform to an integrated ChMS and map funds accordingly.

Let’s get Started!

  • In the top right corner, click the configure wheel.
  • Select “ChMS Integration Card”.
  • Go to “Available Integrations” and open up the drop-down box. Your giving platform can directly integrate with any of these through an API.
  • Select “SimpleChurch CRM”.
  • A notification will appear on the right side of the screen – “No fund mappings setup”

Let’s Connect your Giving Platform Funds to your Church Management Software Funds!

Directly below the “no fund mappings setup” notification, you will see the option to Add New Fund Mappings.

  • Go to the first drop-down box, labeled “Giving System Fund”, and select the fund in your giving platform.
  • Go to the second box, labeled “SimpleChurch CRM Fund”, and tell that box where you would like the fund to map to.
  • In the “Location Box” choose where this gift applies to. If it applies to all locations, select “ALL” – otherwise select the campus/location it applies to.
  • Go to the “Default Fund” drop-down. If it is your default fund, change that to “Yes”.
  • Select “Add New Fund Mappping” to Save!
  • Using the same steps, click through as many Giving System Funds as you have available, and map them to appropriately to the ChMS.
  • Once all of your funds are mapped, scroll to the bottom and click “Enable SimpleChurch CRM Integration”.

Now, the giving platform will connect every 5 minutes over to the ChMS – connecting gifts to giver profiles!

Note: If your ChMS is not supported via API, Click Here for instructions regarding exporting your Online Giving data.