Email Templates: Gift Receipts and Confirmations, New Donors, Recurring Gifts and Expiring Cards

Your account settings include a variety of Email Templates. Use these templates to customize messages sent to your giver.

How to Get Started:

  • In the top right corner, click the configure wheel to see your primary settings.
  • Click “Email Templates”
  • On this page, you can customize the following:
    • Email sender
    • BCC option
    • Subject line
    • Message content

Let’s Dive In!

  • From the Template Type drop-down menu, you can customize four pre-existing template options:
    • Text Giving Receipt (Email) / Virtual Terminal Receipt
    • New Donor
    • Recurring
    • Expiring Cards
  • Select the template based on the type of message you need to send to your giver.

It’s Time to Customize Your Email!

  1. “FROM” – Type the email you would like the email to be sent from. Your donors will see that their receipt came from this email.
  2. “BCC” – Blind carbon copying is great to loop in other staff members or your finance team!
  3. “SUBJECT” – Type in your subject line and make it unique!
  4. “MESSAGE” – The template you selected will add general content. If you would like to make the message more personalized, feel free to customize it to reflect the tone of your church/organization! Use the toolbars to format your message, insert links and images, or use place holders to pull data from the gift itself. If you don’t want to customize it, that’s okay too – a default message will send 😊
  5. Click “SAVE” – Your email is ready to go!

Email Template Samples

Text Giving Receipt (Email) / Virtual Terminal
This is the confirmation email sent when a donation has been successfully processed via text giving and/or a virtual terminal transaction.

New Donor
This is the welcome email sent when someone registers as a donor.
It automatically includes “Ways to Give” – providing quick links to your giving portal, text giving number(s), and link to download mobile app.

This is the confirmation email sent when a donation has been successfully processed from a recurring or scheduled gift.

Note: The top section is similar to the text/virtual terminal email and additionally includes the details of the recurring schedule

Expiring Cards
This email will be sent to a donor when a credit card used for recurring gifts is going to expire within the next 60 days.

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