Viewing Transactions

From the Transactions tab, you can quickly and easily view, search, filter, sort, export, and print gift details.

In the Reports menu on the left navigation plane of your manager portal, click Transactions to view your accounts received gifts.

The default view of the Transactions tab includes the most important information about each gift such as date of the gift, giver or donor name, the gross amount of the gift, the fund designation, gift status and source.

You may also customize your view by utilizing the Filter option and Column Selector.

In the top right corner, click Filters to select a custom data set. You may filter by date range or batch ID, gift status, fund, occurrence, location, payment type, and payment method.

Additionally, using the Column Selector tool, you may customize the view of Filtered information.

Other features include Search (ex: use any giver name, or a fund, etc) or Export or Print transaction detail. Not ready to make the move? No problem! Click the Old Transaction View link at the top of the screen to return to the previous Transaction page.