Additional Bank Account Request

**Adding an alternate bank account may result in additional monthly fees, depending on the terms given by the merchant processor with which your account as been integrated. In most cases, the charge for adding an additional bank account is only $5.00/month. If you need clarity, or not sure which merchant processor you have – please contact your Support or Success team member! They will be happy to assist 🙂

Please identify the account you would like to add by entering only the last 4 digits of the account number. Please do not enter your full account number.

Deposits/WithdrawalsDeposits/Withdrawals and Service Fee Billing

Please indicate the fund or Campus name that this additional depository account should be tied to. If you have multiple depository accounts that need to be tied to multiple different funds, please complete a form for each fund/additional depository account needed.

Please provide a pre-printed voided check with your organization's name and address or bank letter that includes the name of your organization and your account and routing number. We are unable to make changes to your bank account without one of the valid supporting document listed above. After we receive this information, your new bank account information will be active within 3-5 business days.