Launch, Promotion, & Engagement Resources

In order to engage 100% of your givers, it’s essential to communicate about your giving platform clearly and consistently

Once you have completed the Getting Started steps, your communications or media team may be looking for resources to help announce the different ways to utilize digital giving. We’ve made that simple for you!

A Few Tips to Remember:

  • Communicate clearly and across multiple methods. (Use social media, newsletters, bulletins, e-mail blasts, website, mobile app, and live announcements – The more the better!)
  • Cast vision about your culture of generosity in your communication campaigns.
  • Be sure to provide all giving methods, so your givers can confidently give in the method they prefer. (Check out these great website examples!)

Giver Guide Video Tutorials

Giver Guide Video Tutorials are brief videos that show your donors how to give from your website, via text message, or mobile App. They are great for an in-service launch – or to place right on your website.

View our Giver Video Guides

Online Giving Downloads

Launching Online Giving Slide/Postcard

I Gave Online Card

Text Giving Downloads – 10 Digit Text Numbers

Text Giving Instructions Postcard

Text Giving Instructions Small Card

General Slide

Text Giving Downloads – Short Code Numbers

Short Code Text Giving Instruction Handout

Short Code Text Giving Instructions Card

General Slide